2 min readSep 16, 2019

The first step is to open your eyes (The Awakening).
To see a new way, and decide whether to take the blue pill or red.

To stay awake, or go back to sleep.

The next step is to climb the mountainside (The Ascension)
Learn, unlearn, grow and battle through each step.

It’s tough. Many people give up.
It’s easier to carry on with what you know.

But often, when you see the light, you can’t then un-see it.

So through that perseverance and persistence…
… in time you reach the top of the mountain.

The summit.
The peak.

This stage is called: EVOLUTION

Looking down, you see where you’ve come from (hindsight).
As you look within, you appreciate who you are (growth).

The pain was painful. but it’s worth it now.
You know what you didn’t previously know.

As you sit atop the summit, you have a choice:

1) look around and take it all in (reflect)
2) head straight back down, on to the next goal

I hope it’s the former.
It’s how we truly evolve.

You need to do more than DO.
You need then need to take it in.

Breathe. Look around. See this brand new world.
It’s different up here; everything is different.

And wait… what’s that?

peeking through the haze…
you can barely make it out…
but then it comes to focus…

Another mountain. A higher peak. A new summit to strive for.

Often, Evolution sends you back to the beginning.

A new cycle.
A new Awakening.

There’s always a new mountain to climb.
But you can’t see the new one on the ground.

You have to climb the smaller one first.
Reach the top, and then you will see.

Once you do, you get to choose once more.
Red pill or blue, head back down or keep ascending.

Awaken ==> Ascend ==> Evolve
Rinse and repeat until you’re among the stars




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