How to Build a 7-Figure Success Mindset Before You Make Your First $1Million


Those who said money are wrong, and with the following words I’ll explain why.

  • You build something so you can feel significant …
  • You craft a company so you can live by your rules …
  • Purpose, possibly…
  • Meaning, maybe…


This isn’t what happens when money comes before a success mindset, and I know this because everyone I speak to who’s much further ahead in the game than me says the same thing… if I could back I’d do it differently.

  • You live in “Feast or Famine’ because you have to hustle for each success (high cost) …
  • You’re stuck in the “Hamster Wheel” going around and around and around …

Yet I also imagine you’re working too hard…

… and not getting enough from it!

“Once I reach six-figure it will be easier,” or

“I’ll build my team next year,” or

“I have to keep hustling a little longer. Then I can let go and [fill in blank].”

This is what happens when money comes before mindset.

  • Create a legacy that grows beyond you, rather than a business that relies on you…
  • Fast track your personal growth by making less mistakes, thus having more time to enjoy LIFE…

“Matthew, if I could go back and do it differently, I would!”

They would tell me how today they work less than ever but earn more and more each month.

How can you improve your mindset?

If you’re still reading this you’ve already invested four minutes into this.


You only know what you know.

This is what prevents you from scaling from 5 ⇒ 6 ⇒ 7 Figures…

It’s rarely about talent or luck or other people.

  • You hold on to beliefs that you formed as a young child.
  • You react with habits that have comforted you since you were a kid.
  • What negative habits consume you on a daily basis, that do not serve you…
  • What beliefs you have formed over the years that may hold you back today…


Once you question what you do, who you are and WHY you are… your enter stage two.

Be kind to who you were, are and soon…

Kindness and self-love like this is how you connect these dots.

  • What don’t you like?
  • What’s your current situation?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What does all “this” mean to you?

The gap between where you are ⇒ and where you want to be.

Your job during this second stage is to close this gap.

  • No bandwidth for things that “may work”…
  • No energy for “like” or “okay”…


This is the stage where the real magic happens.

  • You experience new things.
  • You yearn for new things.
  • Niche further.

It is SO fucking hard!

But so fucking necessary. Because this is how you craft a success mindset ready for anything. Money locks you into what you already know, ensuring you learn very little in the future.

  • The house…
  • The lifestyle…
  • The business…
  • It’s all there, within your reach.

This is why your Success Mindset ⇒ money is the answer.

This is not about what does it mean to have a growth mindset or fixed mindset; whether you’re driven by scarcity or abundance…

  • Not fame.
  • Not [fill in blank].
  • You ready to open those eyes?
  • You ready to let go and break free?

follow the breadcrumbs to your success mindset here ⇒



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