1 min readSep 16, 2019


I recently published an article about the Anti-Hustle.
I asked some awesome folks to share some tips.

… what they have learned.
… how they escaped the #hustle.
… what they do and don’t do…

Sometimes we have to hustle.
In the beginning, we often do.

During tough times, it’s inevitable.

But it’s a means to an end.
You do it for as long as you have to.

Yet many folk don’t.
They stay inside it.
They remain committed to it.

Why? Oftentimes they have no idea…

You need to question it.
Question: do I need to hustle right now?

If you do, fine.
If not, escape it.

You life is yours to DO.

So, how do you escape it?
There are many ways you can.

No one thing works for everyone.
You have to dive in and see what works for you.

But a universal ‘something’ that works for all is to LET GO.

— of those limiting beliefs
— of that online chatter
— of comparisons to others
— of your inner critic.
— of what you think you ‘should’ do
— of what your parents / teacher / friends said
— of what the media and rest of society says

To escape the hustle ALWAYS requires you to let go.

Let go of what… you need to figure that out.
But you’re carrying baggage you needn’t carry.




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