My 2017 in Review…

This time last year I was beyond ready for 2017 to begin. 2016 was the year Rosanna got hit by a motorbike, and for the most part it was a year that threw one curveball after another. I was done, and I was ready for 2017 to give me a new hope.

Here I am, one year later and on the verge of embarking into 2018. So, am I as excited to welcome this New Year as I was this time last year? №2017 has been a good year. It hasn’t been perfect. It hasn’t been without issue or worry or stress.

It hasn’t been curveball free.

But as I compare who I am and where I am today, to the person of a year ago… I am proud.

Here are a few things I have now that I didn’t have this time last year:

<> a house with Rosanna…

<> regular client work that excites me, and that I’m good at…

<> a new book to look forward to and to work on…

<> a baby girl that we welcome into this world very soon indeed…

<> a body capable of running a half-marathon in a very good time…

Of course, this doesn’t do this year justice.

As I sit here and write this, I can honestly say I’ve grown as a father, a partner, a writer, an entrepreneur, and most important of all… a person.

I am not perfect.

My life or world isn’t perfect.

But I have grown and this is enough.

I’ve started to get therapy in a bid to continue this growth and look after my mental wellbeing.

I am finally embracing a less-is-more approach after years of saying it, but not living it.

In terms of money and finances and all that jazz, I’m in such a better place than I was a year ago. Again, not perfect. Not without stress or doubt or other emotions, but in a far better place |(now and moving forward).

And I’ve got to here, right now, in this good place that I’m in, without actually achieving the goal I set myself a year ago. You see, this time last year I set myself the single goal to have back to back five figure months in November and December.

I didn’t achieve this.

I got closer than I ever have before, but I did fall short.

And the reason is because my plans for the future changed.

The course I planned to create and finish (that would spearhead these five-figure months), changed path over the summer. I did create it. I did finish it (just about). But in doping so I realised I didn’t want a course and that a course isn’t what people need.

I will use the massive amount of content I created in 2017 during 2018, but in a different way.

As such, I didn’t hit my goal.

But that does not matter.

Because we aren’t defined by our goals.

We are defined by the progress we made.

And in 2017 I progressed in ways I never have before (personally + professionally).

For this I am proud.

And for this, I’ve decided to give 2017 a grade of 10/10

Not because it was perfect…

Not because I am perfect…

Not because I did everything I could…


I give it a 10/10 because I am proud and this year was enough.

I progressed and made huge leaps forward, and this is enough.

Sure I could condemn myself for what I didn’t do.

I could beat myself up for not doing more.

I could look ahead at what comes next and give the past the finger.

But I won’t.

And I hope you don’t, either.

Because if you can look back on the person you were a year ago, and appreciate you have made meaningful progress in the lifestyle you wish to live, then give this progress and the year you did it in due credit. There’s nothing wrong with ambition and wanting more, but there is if you don’t allow yourself to enjoy where you’ve come from.

So in summary, my 2017 wasn’t perfect.

I have made mistakes and I have failed.

If I could go back, I’d do certain things differently.

But my-on-my am I proud of the progress I’ve made.

I am excited for 2018 and everything that will come with it.

I plan to take this newfound growth and roll with it.

I strive to expand on what I have and make the most of it.

But I will also miss 2017 because it was a good year; a far better year than 2016.

I am happy with where I am.

And I am happy with where I’m going.

Speaking of…

… what does 2018 have in store?

Good question.

But not for now.



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