MY 2018 GOAL IS…

As I often do, I’ve spent the time during Christmas and the New Year to largely think, reflect, and allow my mind to wander.

In truth, my 2018 plans have marinated in the background of my mind for several weeks, but I live by the notion that something isn’t real until you write it down. Until you do it’s a mere idea; a wayward thought that may or may not come to fruition.

Whereas when you write it down, you make sense of it.

More important than this, you commit to it.

And over the last few days this is what I’ve done: reflected on 2017 and considered 2018.

I’ve decided 2017 was a damn good year.

I have made a lot of progress (professionally + personally)

I plan to do the same in 2018, although I’m less specific about it than ever.

This isn’t to say I don’t have specific plans and projects.

I do — for instance here are a few things I plan to do in 2018:

1: Start my next book (and complete most — if not all — the first draft)

2: Begin, validate, and grow my new mastermind program (for millennial entrepreneurs)

3: Take my content creation to the next-next level (daily writing)

4: Take my running to the next level (possibly my first marathon)

5: Work with a small amount of clients, but in a deep, meaningful, and impactful manner

I am certainly committing to less in 2018.

On a personal project level, everything I do will surround the book / program in some way.

On a client level, everything I do will surround the idea of providing A LOT to a few.

And in terms of my health and habits and mindset… I want to take what I’ve learned and run with it. I plan to get fitter, healthier, and more knowledgeable about it all. What this looks like right now, I do not know. But my plan is to explore it, commit to it, and DO THE WORK each day.

And of course, I’m to be a father again very soon, which gives me great motivation to figure all this out ;)

But my goal for this year… well, you may not “get” it.

You may not agree with it, or even see it as a goal.

But I do, and that’s all that matters.

So… what is it?

It is this.

— — — — —

On the 21st December 2018, I will write my yearly review and list at least five significant ways I’ve grown personally, and at least five significant ways I’ve grown professionally.

— — — — —

Not very S.M.A.R.T is it?

Not very specific or easy to measure.

Not very ambition, either…!

All are true, and this is why I love this goal so much.

Because this goal IS NOT my roadmap; it is my compass.

My roadmap will come in the form of my 90 day goals and tasks.

But this compass… it’s all about direction; it’s all about staying true.

Because each morning I will write down this goal and read it.

I will know that come the 21st December, I’ll review my year.

I will muse over it and consider the good and the bad.

I will grade it… ten… eight… five… three…

And although I have little control over what does and does not happen to me, I do control ME.

I control what I do and don’t commit to.

I control what I strive towards and not.

And 2018 I will strive towards both Personal + Professional progression.

Not any old sort of progression, either.

I’m not going to accept the little lessons.

Oh no, significance and impact is key.

For example, running a marathon would be significant personal progress.

For instance, finishing the first draft of my book would be significant professional progress.

Of course, this is all subjective.

But isn’t that really the point?

I mean, I’m not creating my goal for you?

I’m not tackling 2018 in a bid to live by your rules?

I have nothing to prove to you or anyone… only myself.

Which is why on December 21st 2018, I will finish work early, sit down on my own, honestly review my year, grade it, and think about the progress I have made.

And if I can write down at least five professional + personal progressions…

… then I have served my year well, and I have achieved what I set out to.

What this entails, who knows.

The specifics of what this looks like, ask me in a year.

But I know me.

I know what I’m like.

And I know how things change over the course of the year.

So this year I’ll allow it.

I will welcome change and what needs to be, to be.

I will work hard each day, but not stifle myself to a specific goal.

Instead, I commit to progression.

That’s it.

That is all.

And to help keep me on this righteous track, I have three words designed to ground me:

1: Comfort Zone

2: #fuckthehustle

3: Consistency

Comfort Zone:

I like things to be organised and I like to be on top. I tend to map out an entire plan as if it will work out that way. But it never does, because plans don’t work like that. I know this, yet I keep doing it.


I’m a perfectionist and a control freak.

So this year I will strive to step out of comfort zone (personally + professionally) on a daily basis. I’ll encourage my clients to challenge me and push me. If I find myself resisting, I will stop and ask myself why. I will commit to leaving my comfort zone under the belief that if I do this each day, it will lead me to new people, new situations, and new opportunities to progress in significant ways.


I do not agree with the ‘hustling’ mentality that the hardest get what they want in life. This goes against what I see, because those I admire don’t tend to work that hard at all; they work smart!

This is my life. I have one, and I intend to make the most of it. Simple.

I have a family. I have dreams and ambitions. I have work to do. I have a body and mind to cater for.

And I do not wish to work work work in the hope it will pay off.

This isn’t to say I won’t work hard in 2018.

This is not to say I expect handouts.

This isn’t me saying I won’t have to work longer days from time to time.

But this is me saying I will not abide by the hustle in 2018.

In fact, I will do everything I can each day to align my LIFE as one.

If I do this, I believe I’ll give myself the platform to progress professionally + personally. Beyond this, I’ll allow the journey to guide me.


If you can’t be smartest or best or most unique, simply turn up day after day after day. When it comes to making progress (in anything) it is this that holds the key. So this year I will be consistent, each day, in that which I commit to.

Initially, this means I’ll continue to post on Facebook (A LOT) each day.

This means I’ll do my daily email to the best I can.

This means I’ll nurture my relationships and take them to the next level.

This means I’ll write and publish daily.

But of course, this may change.

And if it does, fine.

I embrace change this year, after all.

What I do know is that I will commit to certain tasks, projects, people, and actions at any given time, and when I do this year, I will turn up day after day after day (until it proves no longer relevant).

If I’m consistent like this, I will progress in ways I never have before.

So there you go, my 2018 in a nutshell:

THE GOAL: On the 21st December 2018, I will write my yearly review and list at least five significant ways I’ve grown personally, and at least five significant ways I’ve grown professionally.


1: Comfort Zone

2: #fuckthehustle

3: Consistency

Each provide my guidance and direction on a daily basis. The yearly goal is where I’m pushing towards. Those three words are what I need to commit to today. And my mantra each day — as it has been in 2017… Do The Work + Solve The Problem + Embrace The Challenge.

This is it.

This is all.

This is enough.

I truly believe this.

Now, none of this is to say 2018 will be easy.

I’ll need to keep my eyes open wide.

And I’ll need to put in the work and do my best each day.

For me, this is a given; this forms part of the SMART work mentality.

And the truth is, I want to leave my mark in 2018.

I want to make more money than I ever have before…

I wish to regain more time and spend it with those I love…

I desire to take ym health and wellbeing to exciting new levels…

I strive to learn new things, apply these, and grow me and my biz…

I yearn for new friendships and strengthening existing ones…

I NEED to start my book and validate my program…

But things will change.

How I feel in March may differ to how I feel now.

What I create may take me on a different path.

This year, I’ll embrace this change.

So right now, I’m setting myself up for adaptation.

Like water, I will go where I go.

I will progress, and it’s this goal and these words that will ensure it.

For everything else — the specifics and details — well, that’s what my 90 Day Goals and letter are for. I’m fine-tuning these as I speak, so if you would like to look at these, let me know in the comments.



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