2 min readDec 4, 2014

**After interviewing 150+ Inspiring Entrepreneurs for my latest book, The Successful Mistake, I’ve grown to realise the importance of defining what success means to me, rather than follow society’s version, or somebody else’s**

My definition of success is to have financial freedom, or should I say, be free from money’s burden. You see, I find money, at best, an annoyance, and at worst, evil and corrupt.

I didn’t always think this way, but since becoming a self-made man, I realise how irrelevant money can be, and how life-changing other elements can.

When I say I desire financial freedom, I mean not to think about money, period. This requires a mindset, not a bank account. Too little cash and I yearn for it, worry about it, and wish I had more of it just to ‘get by’. Whereas too much leads to seduction, desire, and an infinite chasing-of-shadows.

To not think about it means to focus on great art, meaningful relationships, and writing… working… and crafting projects that matter. I don’t wish to exist, rather to live and find a greater happiness. I don’t think I’ll find this through money or stuff, and I don’t think I’ll ever escape its seduction until I become free from it all together.

To be financially free is to focus on providing worth and legacy. I’ll never need a lot, just enough. This amount may vary over time, but so long as I’m living a life of purpose and meaning, the actual numbers remain irrelevant. So long as I have enough, all is well. And if I have more than enough, this is fine, too, since I’ll be free from its manipulation, and as such, give more to those who need it, deliver more projects that help more people in a more helpful manner, and bit-by-bit grow stronger and ever more free from society’s monetary stronghold.

I suppose it comes down to having and sharing a deeper message. Until I free myself from the shackles, I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. But it’s a mindset, not a number. It isn’t about pounds or pence, but filling my life with wonderful relationships, meaningful projects, and damn-good art.

This is my definition of success, and I believe it’ll help me live, rather than exist. Of course, such a definition is never black and white, so here’s to 2015 and its colourful adventure of discovery, refinement, and understanding.





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