Okay, you don’t always have to be Okay

2 min readNov 22, 2017

I like to feel happy.
I like to feel loved.
I like to feel on top.

And when I do, it feels great.

I’m sure you do, too.
It’s ace.
It’s wonderful.

It’s all good in the hood.


Life isn’t always like this.

Sometimes you feel down.
Sometimes you feel let down.
Sometimes you feel hurt.
Sometimes you feel… not quite okay.

And this, my friend, is okay.

Life isn’t meant to be lived living on cloud nine.
The is a rollercoaster ride.

There are ups and there are downs.
And this is okay.

In recent weeks, I’ve felt somewhat down.

I’m not entirely sure why.
It’s been manic.
It’s been overwhelming.

… new house.
… new kid on the way.
… new work.
… new project in the works.

Tired, drained, pushed out of my comfort zone.

I’ve not been up.
I’ve been somewhat down.

And this is okay.

You don’t always have to be okay.
You don’t have to share nothing but smiled and unicorns.
Your social media followers won’t judge for having a bad day.

In fact, most people won’t care.
Not because they don’t care, but because they’re busy.

They won’t notice.
They have their own life to worry about.

They’re figuring out whether they feel okay or not.

So as you scroll through your feed and see success, happiness, smiles, abundance, and all the good stuff people share online…

… know that these people aren’t okay, all the time.

Like you, they have down days.
Today may be one of them.
For you.
For them.

Often, you won’t know.
As they won’t know your own pain.

Because you don’t share it, do you.
You keep it locked in.
You keep it to yourself.

You share the good times, but not the bad.

You share smiles and happiness.
Not arguments and conflict.

It’s like the couple who seem so happy and in love on the outside.
And then, you find out they broke up.

How, you think. They were so happy… right?

Apparently not.
You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.
This is true for everyone, not just those in love (or not).

We assume we peek through such doors, as we follow folk on FB, Twitter, Instagram, et al. We do not. We see what they want us to see.

You only allow other people to see what you want them to see.

And for the most part, we’re only comfortable sharing “okay”.

But sometimes you are not okay.
And this is okay.

You are human, not robot.
You are real life, not a fairytale.




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