Seek Clients Who You Would Pay To Work For

1 min readSep 23, 2019

I suppose this isn’t relevant for all people and businesses.
After all, if you sell a ‘thing’, this doesn’t really apply.

But if you provide a service, like I do (ghostwriting)…
… this very much applies to you and your world.

Work For People You Would Love To Hire!

I find myself learning so much from my clients.
As I write for them and get into their head…

… my own explodes with ideas, wisdom and more.

They teach me about things I wouldn’t otherwise find time for.
They offer me an insight into a world I do not yet live in.
They push me to create my best work, because they expect so much.

Sure, I learn through reading, watching and listening…
But I learn the most when working for someone beyond me.

I always try and seek clients I would pay to coach/mentor me.
I often feel guilty taking their money, because I learn so much.

I strive to provide the best service to repay this.
And although the money now is nice (and necessary)…

It’s the lessons for tomorrow that are the real benefit.




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