The AAE Model (what is it and why the hell should you care?)

4 min readOct 22, 2019


Oh, you should care.
Why? Let me tell you…

But first, a peek into my own mind of late.

Because throughout 2019, I’ve slowly but surely lost myself.
The sleepless nights and the lack of routine… it’s drained me.

Drip. Drip. Drip.
I lose sight of what matters.

— The things I do for ME that help keeps me grounded, sane and fulfilled.
— The people I love the most, taking them and things for granted.
— The aspects of life that matter above all else (you know what they are).

It’s easy to get consumed by the chaos.
We all face it, each and every day.

At home.
At work.
The media.
Our own mind.

… those dreams.
… that vision.
… the “who” we want to be.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

It dilutes you. You feel less like… YOU.
But you don’t notice it. It just kinda happens.

Ever reached that point?

Maybe to do with your weight or health…
Maybe it’s a relationship (or all of them)…
Maybe it’s debt or the way you spend money…
Maybe it’s your business and the path it’s on…
Maybe it’s your own wellbeing (the mind, and soul…)

Drip. Drip. Drip.
That’s been me in 2019.


Droplet by droplet, losing part of me.
And recently, I hit a point. It hit me hard.

I “knew” before this point that I had lost myself in my self.
But it took this point to truly open my eyes — help me SEE.

And this is why the AAE Model matters.
It’s not about your business (although it can).

It touches all aspects of your life and those you care about most.

Because you only ever know what you know.
And even though you may “know” something…

It isn’t real or relevant until you reach the point of knowing.
With open eyes. With the facts and figures.

With an open mind!

This is Stage 1: Awakening.
You wake up. You see what you need to.

“Shit,” you may say. “I hadn’t realised how bad it had gotten.”

Again, take any of those things above.

— weight or health…
— relationships…
— debt / money…
— your business, and the path it’s on…
— your own wellbeing!

It’s all okay until you wake up one day and realize it’s not.
And then, well… you cannot unsee once you SEE!

The Awakening leads to Stage 2: Ascension.
This may take days. It may take a lifetime.

You climb the mountain.
You put in the work.
You shed yourself of outdated beliefs.

You go in search of new ones.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

You add back to what you lost.
Not all at once. Not with a flood.

But with single droplets, one at a time.
It left you this way, so you must repay it the same.

Time. It takes time.
And effort. Every day.
And commitment. Lots of it.

And you’ll fail.

Miss a rock. Slip a little down the mountain.
But you cling on tight, get back to work.

Because you cannot unsee what you SEE.

In time, you reach the summit… Stage 3: Evolution.

a new mind. a new outlook. a new perspective.

You’re able to look back and appreciate where you’ve come from. The journey you’ve been on, and how hard it’s been. But so much better than where you were.

All the way down there, at the bottom with eyes wide shut.
Up here, eyes wide open… WOW. There’s so much to see.

You don’t go through this once.

I am by no means a finished article. I do my best to be aware and evolve. Because I’m a father. I’m a partner. I’m a man.

I am a human being who deserves to live a fulfilling life.

You do, too.

I began to question all of these a few years ago, when I found out my daughter was to enter this world. It forces me to truly question the life I lived, and the way I used (and abused) time. This led me on a journey, which, as it often does, took me to the page.

If this resonates with you, our paths may be aligned.

I completed my latest book (a parable/ fable) very much centres around whole life balance, getting caught up in the hustle, and defining your success. If you’re interested, you may request a sample of the book here.

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