You Don’t Want Elon Musk as a Mentor (this is why)!

Like most people, I would love to spend an evening with Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg. I would learn a lot. I would sit in awe listening to their words.

I’d walk away inspired.
I would be ready to do the work.


I wouldn’t want any of these fine gents as my mentor.

They couldn’t help me.
I dare say they couldn’t help you.


Because you and them are not on the same page.

They are billionaires with billionaire problems.
They are billionaires who come up with billionaire solutions.

So assuming you are not a billionaire (or not about to become one), they cannot help you.

They would offer you fine words of advice, no doubt.
They would teach you a great deal, for sure.

But help you get to the next level? No!

It would be like asking a Formula One Champion to teach you how to drive. They are so far ahead of you they cannot fathom where you are. Most of what they do is second nature, and just because they are amazing at what they do doesn’t mean they can teach a beginner how to begin.

It’s the same in business and in life.

A billionaire approaches everything different to most.

They didn’t always, but they do now because they are fricking billionaires.

They cannot appreciate what your worries and issues are.
They cannot “get” on the same page as you.

They are all the way down the road, barely in sight.
And you — and me — we’re all the way here, barely in sight of them.

It’s like when I try to speak to my four-year-old son.
Technically, I should be able to teach him how to talk, read, and write.

After all, I have been talking, reading, and writing for a long time.
I’m a goddam writer, so this should be easy for me… right?

Well, as any parent knows, it isn’t as simple as that.

My son is way-way behind me.
I cannot fathom what it’s like to be him.
I can help him, for sure, but I do not “get” him.

Because I take so much for granted.
The way I solve problems isn’t relevant to him.
What works for me would not work for him.

So I can offer him all the advice in the world.
But it would do very little, because it’s not the advice he needs.

Teachers spend years training how to get on to their page.
They have to come at it as different angles.
And still they struggle, because teachers are old.
And our sons and daughters… are not.

So when you think about the type of mentor you want in your life, quite thinking about those way ahead of you.

If you’re just starting out, a billionaire will not help you.
If you’re just starting out, a millionaire won’t (for the most part).

They will inspire you and offer you wisdom… but not the advice you need.


If you’re at the beginning, you need someone whose been doing it a few years. If you’re looking to make consistent four-figure months, turn to someone making five-figures.

When you get to five-figures, seek out a six-figure guy or gal.
When you get to six-figures, go in search of a millionaire.

When you become a millionaire yourself…
… find other millionaires, but those doing it with multiple companies.

And then, you’re ready for the multi-millionaire.
And then, you’re ready for the nine-figure success-story.
And then, and only then, are you ready for Musk and co.

We forget that we’re human, and as humans, grow through iteration.

Sure, the occasional overnight success happens.
Sure, some people rise to the top almost immediately.

Just like some kids learn how to talk at two years old.
Just like some kids can read and write sooner than others.

But most success stories take time.
They require trail, error, progress, and constant improvement.

You cannot reach out to the top and expect them to pull you up.

You must struggle up the mountain like the rest of us.
You must fight for every inch and every step.

When it comes to mentorship, the same rules apply.

So learn from the best, by all means.

Read the books.
Watch the keynotes.
Listen to the interviews.

If you get chance to meet with them, hang on their every word.

But know they can’t give you the advice you NEED right now.

The advice you need now comes from those just ahead of you, those at the same point in the road as you, and those a little further behind.

With these three types of mentor in your life, you cannot fail.



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